April 30, 2015 tegadmin

Francis Felice as Vice President of Finance at Cellebrite

As VP of Finance of Cellebrite, Francis will provide leadership and direction to all financial activities to ensure effective accomplishment of both financial and business objectives.  He will identify and execute opportunities within the existing businesses to improve financial performance and develop and implement cost containment activities to improve profitability.



Francis Felice, a highly accomplished and forward-thinking finance executive, joins Cellebrite with 16+ years of successful experience of completing transactions, leading initiatives, enhancing processes, and driving down costs.  His background combines Big-4 public accounting (CPA) and private company leadership experience.

Cellebrite, a world leaders and authority in mobile device data technology, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a publicly traded company listed on the Japanese stock exchange.  Cellebrite manufactures and distributes data extraction, transfer and analysis solutions for cellular phones and mobile devices.Cellebrite has two business divisions:  Mobile Lifecycle Solutions and Mobile Forensics.


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