When our first client retained us in 1995, Pat was there to deposit our very first dollar. Since then, she has served as our finance director, ensuring Technology Executive Group is run profitably, sustainably, and with integrity. Her responsibilities include strategic planning, accounts receivables/ payables, and total rewards; the latter making her quite popular around the office.

Beyond finance, Pat takes great pride in manning our front desk in Philadelphia, maintaining office operations and providing administrative support. When she answers calls, you can feel her warmhearted smile through the phone – it’s no wonder it’s always buzzing. Her compassion and sunny disposition make her an asset well beyond the proven accounting skills and ethics she brings from her earlier career with The Internal Revenue Service.

When her fingers aren’t tapping the keyboard to balance out the books at the office, they dance in perfect technique across the piano keys in her home. Pat’s most beloved possession – the only thing she ever wanted in her life – is her Steinway grand piano. She has played since she was a child and is a lover of classical music.